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Drumming on the Edge of Leadership ... It's more than a Metaphor
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Through "Drumming on the Edge of Leadership", Ed Mikenas explores the joys and gifts of hand drumming as a leadership training tool in corporate, educational, and organizational settings.

It is through the unique physical and philosophical relationships inherent in drumming that self-discovery blooms to develop leadership skills.

Groups become interactive teams utilizing non-verbal and creative resources generally not utilized in other forms of training.

"Rhythm is the organizer and energizer."


   Recent Events & Site Updates:
  • 08/10/2004 - I will be teaching the theory and practice of drumming at the annual camp ROMUVA 2004 in Lithuania!
  • 08/05/2004 - EdMikenas.org Re-Launched with new look!
   In this site you will find:    The World of Urban Wilde:
  • Theories of leadership, drumming, and quantum physics!
  • How drumming groups demonstrate leadership styles and develop potential
  • The value of drumming training to individuals and organizations, and how this unique workshop can be integrated into human resources development training.
  • Find out what people are saying about Drumming on the Edge of Leadership in these testimonials!
  • Benefits of Hand Drumming - Medical Anthropologist Dr. Michael Winkleman's interview with Ed. They discuss the benefits of hand drumming in leadership training, recovery counseling, and public health programs.


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